People We’ve Helped

   We have helped countless amounts of people be free from the banks, be free financially again, and in a matter of days take the pressure of losing your home off your shoulders!

Most people we helped in the past did not want to be shown, but were nice enough to leave an honest Review! 

“My husband lost his job and we were only relying on my income, and it was not enough to pay the mortgage, and as bills were piling up, we were frozen, and just let bills pile up. We then get on a red letter in the mail saying in 3 months we’ll be Evicted. Then we saw one Uprise Chicago’s ads and we gave them a call. They gave us a price they could do for the property and we signed the next day and were free from all this stress.” ~ Anna Morales Niles, IL 

“I got divorced, and they bought my house. That simple” ~ Henry S. Glenview IL

“I kept getting calls from others saying the same thing, ‘I want to buy your house’ but these guys were different. They actually cared, it sounds corny but it’s true. Thank you. ~ Suzanne A. Niles IL 

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