Rent Your Property To Us

Our company will pay rent on a month to month basis just as a normal tenant

Not all properties will be eligible for this offer

1. Property Inspection

One of our team members will set up a time with you to check out the property and see if it’s eligible for this offer. We’ll be looking at primarily property condition and location.

2. Contract Agreement

We will then sort out an agreement with a basic contract, and in this contract we will include, the rent our company will pay a month and time and a clause which will allow us to sublet the property.

3. Let Your Rent Flow In

Now you have solved your issue of vacancy, and have a constant rent coming in for how long you please.


We had 3 Vacant properties and they rented out all of them. They even taught me how to Air BnB my own properties. Very helpful team.

S. Issac Real Estate

Very straight froward and honest. No hiding anything they would tell us everything how it is.

Steve Maratos

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Our Privacy Guarantee
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